Usher Morgan’s Film ‘Pickings’ Premieres in New York City

Usher Morgan the award winning director behind the film Prego, premiered his latest film Pickings on February 22nd at New York’s AMC Loews Lincoln Square at a screening hosted by The Knockturnal. The film which is a collaborative effort with cinematographer Louis Obioha, and features actors Elyse Price, Katie Vincent (who also served as the film’s
co-producer and music supervisor), and Joel Bernard is a hybrid feature film that is part comic book, part neo-noir, and part Spaghetti Western, mixed together with a strong character-driven plot that follows the story of Jo Lee Haywood – a single mother and neighborhood bar owner who spent years trying to escape her violent past. But when a local mobster and his gang of thugs come knocking on her door, Jo is forced to
embrace her inner demons and confront her deadly history in order to protect her family and property. The film also stars Joe Trombino, Emil Ferzola, Yaron Urbas, Michael Gentile,Christopher Liam Gentry, and Samantha Zaino, among others.

After receiving 10 nominations at the Tampa Bay Underground Film Festival in December, Pickings went
on to win “Best Feature Director” (Usher Morgan), “Best Cinematography” (Louis Obioha), and “Best
Feature Actress” (Elyse Price). Wesley Lara of Hidden Remote writes: “This film was an absolute blast to
watch, from start to finish. It’s slick, unique, incredibly confident in its presentation and just so
entertaining to watch. I’d love to see more from Usher Morgan and I’d still recommend Pickings if you
want a creatively insane hybrid crime drama. With lots of smoke.” Richard Propes with the Independent
Critic hails the film as “Dark and gritty, fantastic and fun,” and Carl Burgess with ScreenCritix remarked
that “Morgan has created a stylish and bloody affair that should be enjoyed by many.”

Pickings is scheduled to be released to select theaters via Dark Passage Films and Digital Magic
Entertainment on March 2nd, 2018. For additional information on the film’s theatrical release, visit our
website,, or follow the film on

To check out more pics from the premiere check out The Knockturnal

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