On the Watch:Introducing Independent Hip Hop Artist Nazdaq

nazdaq-rapperJust because summer’s over who said the spirit that the summer cookouts brought has to end, Bronx native up and coming hip hop artist Nazdaq doesn’t, as he relieves the summer in his video for Party Party, the lead single off his upcoming mixtape debut 12/32.

Nazdaq has introduced fans to the everyday life of growing up in New York City and the woes of being a college student. His versatile lyrics and catchy phrases capture fans, young and old, while the video for Party, Party has garnered 80,000 views on Youtube since it’s debut in August.

To hear more of Nazdaq’s tracks check him out on Soundcloud, and follow him on Twitter @NazdaqNYC. In the meantime play “Party,Party”, and sit back and reminisce about last summer.

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