New Music: ‘Control’ Big Sean featuring Kendrick Lamar & Jay Electronica

kendrick-lamar-1It may be Big Sean’s record, but it’s no doubt Kendrick Lamar owned Sean and every other hip hop artist who is out now on a new track titled ‘Control’ which didn’t make it on the final cut of Big Sean’s Hall of fame album. On the track Kendrick proclaims himself as King of NY despite hailing from Compton, California, while calling out everyone from NY bred rappers like J. Cole, to Wale, Drake, A$AP Rocky,Pusha T, Meek Mill, and even Big Sean and Jay Electronica themselves.

In the Twitter world, the response from hip hop artist to fans alike was widespread just on Kendrick’s verse alone. Some in the hip hop community took heed to Kendrick’s calling out ready to step up to the plate and elevate their rhymes such as Tyga,Pusha T and Big Krit

Now for Twitter fan reactions

Is Kendrick the hip hop artist that hip hop has been waiting to arrive for over a decade?

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