On The Watch: Continental Five Talks 360 Deal

continental-five-2013-04-12In a industry where, coming in behind a well known relative means extra work in carving one’s own identity, Queens rapper Continental Five formerly known as Two Five has put in the work to make his own identity in hip hop aside from being just the cousin of 50 Cent. After working his way up in the underground scene and putting out five mixtapes, distributing and selling over 70,000 CD’s,reports began to circulate recently that Five is on the verge of signing a seven figure 360 deal, which has nothing to do with his association with his cousin, which makes C5 our ‘On the Watch’ artist. Continental chatted with us about his latest EP; Big and about the 360 deal.

Now it’s already been revealed that you are a relative of 50 Cent, but aside from that how would you describe who Continental Five is?
Continental Five is an artist that can bring a lot to the game because, he’s different does records that most can’t [and] is little bit street but likes to focus and wants to focus more on the business side of things.
Despite you mentioning previously that you don’t plan on recording with 50, what type of advice has he given you about the industry?
Everybody here is fronting and there’s no friends in it, you are only as good as your last hit.
Your latest EP, Big just came out last year, what type of direction were you trying to go in with the EP?
I really just wanted to have something on iTunes; I have a lot of music so throwing out some so I could see how it worked for myself rather than someone telling me.
Is it more challenging for you to put together a EP or a mixtape? Which EP or mixtape was your personal best so far in your career?
I think they’re all important because it shows growth. Its details of how I’m feeling at that time in my career.
Word has it that you are close to signing a seven figure 360 deal, can you tell us a little more about the deal? What other types of deals were put on the table?
Well the deal was cool because it opened the door for the other deals. I just was not willing to give up what they was asking me for, and I have not even put out any music out other than the EP A 360 deal is for a major, not an independent.
Why do you feel that you were offered the 360 seven figure deal specifically?
Idk why they put it in there but that was part of the reason I left it on the table, we been going back and 4th now but the money they was putting up was crazy, they figured that that would be a way for them to make it back faster.
With the 360 deal what do you plan to do on your part to make the most out of the deal?
That’s their job, all I can do is my music.

Thanks Continental, be sure to follow C5 on Twitter at @continentalfive, and download his latest EP Big on iTunes

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