Jennifer Hudson & Sister Julia Inspire Youth Through Julian D. King Gift Foundation

In turning tragedy into positivity award winning actress and singer Jennifer Hudson along with sister Julia, recently hosted the first ever hatch day in Chicago in honor of the Julian D. King Gift Foundation, as a way to celebrate the memory of Hudson’s slain seven year old nephew (Julia’s son) Julian, who was murdered almost three years ago in October 2008, along with Hudson’s mother and brother.

At the event Jennifer and Julia donated school supplies to over 2,000 elementary school children, and participated in activities helping the children to design custom back to school backpacks.

Speaking at the event Hudson said:

“It feels good to give back to children as he was a child. And also to help inspire your kids — that’s one of the things that helped me growing up to know that, ‘Wow if this is in my presence, then I can achieve and I can do it, too,’ and we want to send out that same message to the youth of today,” [Source]

The sisters also explained that young Julian loved school. The sisters donned t-shirts bearing Julian’s picture with the words ‘Happy Birthday Julian’ to celebrate what would have been his 10th birthday.

William Balfour who has been charged with the 2008 murders of Hudson’s mother, older brother and nephew is currently awaiting trial

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